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Signal Conditioners

With universal inputs and RS485 serial communications
for data acquisition and distributed I/O applications

This range of programmable instruments, which includes signal conditioner, PID controller, and trip amplifier functions, are equipped with RS485 serial communications. A two-wire communications link can greatly reduce wiring costs and simplify installation. Protocols supported are Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII and DTPI (ASCII). MODBUS RTU allows easy integration with industry standard software products, e.g. SCADA.


New features in the Tracker 300+ include:

  • USB (powered) programming (no more special cables)
  • Removeable terminals for easier installation and faster maintenance
  • Nine new thermocouple ranges
  • Two new resistance thermometer ranges
  • New simpler and faster communication features
  • Increased network capacity
  • Faster processor to handle the most demanding workloads


Tracker 300 Plus Series

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Tracker 321 Data acquisition module / signal conditioner

Provides signal conditioning and simple distributed data acquisition with RS485 MODBUS. Optional signal retransmission (4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V)

Tracker 321 signal conditioner

Tracker 331 PID controller / alarm trip / signal conditioner

A low cost DIN Rail mounted, multifunctional PID controller, signal conditioner, and trip amplifier, deal for use as a PID Temperature Controller and for PID control within injection moulding and extrusion processes.

Tracker 332 PID controller / alarm trip / signal conditioner

Features as per the Tracker 332 but with sensor excitation supply. (NB with the T332, control outputs require the use of the Tracker 341 module).

Tracker T332 PID controller / Conditioner / trip amplifier

Tracker 340 Logic expansion module

Adds an extra two logic inputs and four outputs (C/O relays or TTL) for monitoring and control applications. Six front panel LED's indicate the input and output states. Plugs into and is powered by a Tracker 321/331/332.

Tracker T340 Logic expansion module

Other universal input signal converters in our range include:-

Signal conditioners
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Trip amplifiers
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Signal source for on-site testing and re-calibration
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