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Presenting our latest process measurement, control and display equipment…


NEW RANGE - C16 Series

The C16 range is housed in a compact DIN Rail enclosure 22.5W x 99.5H x 116D. Features common throughout the range are:

  • Universal AC/DC supply which accepts either 85-260 VAC or 24-200 VDC
  • Removable terminals for ease of wiring and maintenance
  • DIN rail mounting

Three units are currently available:

Frequency to analogue converter

IMPROVED 550-2A Digital Indicator - now with Peak Reading capability

With the low voltage supply option the 550-2 will operate on 11-32VDC or 12-24VAC. The 550-2 provides a scaleable 4.5 digit display of an analogue signal in engineering units. With high brightness 25mm LED displays, this instrument offers solutions for applications where long-range readability is important. User configurable scaling to ranges within +19999 to -19999, input signal selection and universal mains power enable spares/stock holding to be kept to a minimum.
More information on the Digital Indicator here…

digital indicator

New for 2010 the Tracker 300 Plus

The Tracker 300+ is a universal process control module, housed in a compact DIN Rail enclosure. The Tracker 300+ is easily integrated into process control systems for signal conditioning, alarm switching, data acquisition and PID control.
New features in the Tracker 300+ include:

  • USB (powered) programming (no more special cables)
  • Removeable terminals for easier installation and faster maintenance
  • Nine new thermocouple ranges
  • Two new resistance thermometer ranges
  • New simpler and faster communication features
  • Increased network capacity
  • Faster processor to handle the most demanding workloads

For full information about the Tracker 300+, watch this video

The new Tracker 300 Plus series

Further information on the Tracker 300Plus here...


Current Loop and Voltage Calibrator

The CAL-2 process calibrator provides current outputs in the range 0 - 20mA (sink and source) and voltage outputs inthe range 0 - 10V. By connecting the calibrator into a 4-20mA current loop in place of the signal transmitter or transducer, instruments such as signal converters, recorders, panel meters, trip amplifiers, etc. can be checked for accuracy under controlled conditions. In current sink mode. Further information on the calibrator here...

mA and Volt Caibrator Type CAL-2

Indicating Trip Amplifier - now has user linearisation

Our most popular trip amp has been updated with user programmable 10 break-point linearisation. This trip amp has programmable trip-points (3), input source and scale, delay, hysteresis, relay action and alarm type. Power supply options are a universal 85-265VAC or optional low-voltage 11-32VDC /12-24VAC.
Find more information on the B12-TT trip amplifier here...

Indicating three-point trip amplifier

500-TT Process Display - updated to a full 5-digit display and user linearisation

The 500-TT provides a scaleable display of an analogue signal in engineering units. User configurable scaling to ranges within - 9999 to +99999, input signal selection and universal mains power enable spares/stock holding to be kept to a minimum. 10 break-point linearisation has been added to the spec. The instrument has three alarm relays with trip points and many other features programmable from the front panel
More information on the process display here…

programmable process display with three alarms and optional bcd output

Dual Trip Amplifier with transducer power supply

The 112 series dual trip amplifier has been updated and now provides a transducer power supply as standard.
More information here…


Two-wire Digital Panel Meter

User configurable instrument providing a 3½ digit scaleable display of an analogue signal in engineering units. Externally accessible switches and trimming controls enable user configurable span and zero (offset) setting, zero offset polarity, decimal point selection and reading polarity.
More information here…

two-wire dpm with user selectable ranges

Raise~Lower (set-point) & Ramp Generator

The 112-65S is a versatile programmable instrument which may be configured either as a Ramp Generator or a Raise Lower device. Control of the output signal is provided by three inputs; Start/Raise, Stop/Lower and Reset. Optional PC software provides user selection of all functions except output signal rise and fall times which are user selectable by internal switches.
More information here…

raise lower or ramp generator

Transmitter Isolator

The B12-Txi provides cost-effective signal isolator, booster or signal converter functions, this unit has the following features:
• Total isolation for 2 & 3 wire transmitters
• Field programmable input & output ranges
• 24 V transmitter / loop supply
• Universal 85-260 VAC powered.
More information here…

Transmitter isolator, field programmable signal converter