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B12 series

Signal isolators/ converters/splitters, trip amplifiers - AC and DC powered

Compact series

Signal isolators/converters, trip amplifiers, telecom line transmitters/receivers

C16 Series

Frequency to Analogue Converter, Signal Splitter, Power Supply

D16 series

Universal input transmitters

Universal input trip amplifier

107 series

Signal isolators/converters, trip amplifiers, frequency to analogue, analogue to frequency, summator/subtractor, multiplier, power supplies, rate limiters,

112 series

trip amplifiers, integrator, summator/averager, ramp generator, high/low selectors, comparator, frequency scaler, digital to digital, lineariser, digital to analogue

114 Resistance transmitter

116 Series

battery back-up power supplies, bcd to analogue converter

140 two-wire isolator (see Compact)

Digital displays - loop powered (2-wire)

for panel mounting and in the and field (IP65)

Digital displays - LED

non-volatile counter, 3½, 4, 4½, 5 digit indicators

Test equipment

Current-loop & voltage calibrator, Transmitter simulator

Tracker 300 data aquisition units

AC Current transducers

For measuring AC current and voltage sinusoidal wave forms

Optional extras & spares