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Voltage & mA Loop Calibrator Type CAL-2

...a portable process current loop and voltage calibrator with direct reading display - ideal for simulating / generating process signals for test purposes or calibration


The CAL-2 voltage and mA loop calibrator is a portable, battery operated process calibrator with current outputs in the range 0 - 20mA (sink and source) and voltage outputs in the range 0 - 10V. By connecting the calibrator into a 4-20mA current loop in place of the signal transmitter or transducer, instruments such as signal converters, recorders, panel meters, trip amplifiers, etc. can be checked for accuracy under controlled conditions. In current sink mode the calibrator will simulate a two-wire transmitter.

  • Source milliamps and volts
  • Simulate two-wire transmitters (current sink mode)
  • Fast selection between full-scale, zero and dial setting
  • Dial setting stored when switched off
  • Two speed dial setting
  • 0.1% resolution
  • Direct reading display mA / Volts
  • Battery powered (universal mains power supply option)

Output mode selection

A three-way slide switch sets the output mode:

  • mA Source - sources current (0 to 20mA *) to the loop
  • mA Sink - (0 to 20mA *) simulates a two-wire transmitter in systems incorporating a loop power supply
  • Voltage output - 0 to 10V *.

* raised zero outputs e.g. 4-10mA, 2-10V, can be generated using the dial setting for the raised zero.

Fast output level selection

A three-way slide switch provides rapid selection of three test signal levels:

  • Full-scale (10V or 20mA)
  • Zero (NB the dial position may be used to provide a raised zero signal, e.g. 4mA )
  • Dial setting

Dual-speed dial

In the Dial position the output is continuously variable across the range and set by the dual speed dial. To facilitate rapid transition across the output range, dial speed is increased 10-fold when the dial is pressed whilst turning. The last dialled output value is retained in memory when the calibrator is turned off.


The LCD display provides a four-digit direct reading of the output signal and a low-battery warning.


The Calibrator is powered by four AA batteries which are housed in an externally accessible compartment. An optional universal mains power supply, 96 to 264VAC, supplied with interchangeable plug heads for UK, European, USA and Australian mains sockets is available.

The CAL-2 is supplied with a set of test leads and a synthetic rubber protective boot which has a flip out stand.


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