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Signal conditioners

For converting temperature measurements
into mA or V output

Stroud Instruments range of temperature signal conditioners / transmitters cater for inputs from PRT platinum resistance thermometers (RTD Resistance Temperature Detectors) type PT100, and thermocouples - types K, J, E, N, T, R, S.


Converters for PRT/RTD inputs

B12-1 PRT signal converter

AC mains or DC powered signal conditioner - converts inputs from PT100 platinum resistance thermometers (PRT), into standard voltage or current process signals. Wall or DIN rail mounting.

107-1 prt signal converter image

107-1 PRT signal converter

See 107 Series

107-1 prt signal converter image

Converters for RTD and thermocouple inputs

Programmable DIN rail mounting transmitters

See universal input signal conditioners...

Universal Input Transmitter

Other instruments with signal retransmission in our range accepting PRT/RTD and thermocouple inputs include:-

Data aquisition / Distributed I/O range
See Universal input data aquisition modules
with RS485 MODBUS RTU communications

Digital panel meters
See universal input and special purpose panel meters