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Loop-powered indicators

Panel and field mounting digital displays

Stroud Instruments range of loop-powered digital indicators provide a scaleable display of a 4-20mA process signal in engineering units.
The range includes a panel mounting digital panel meter and a weatherproof field mounting display. No auxilliary supply is required to drive these units which are powered by the offset in the raised zero signal being measured.


Digital panel meters

500-20A loop powered digital panel meter

A 3.5 digit panel meter displaying a read-out of the input signal in engineering units. User programmable: span and zero (offset) setting, zero offset polarity, decimal points and reading polarity. Optional front panel protection up to IP65 is available. Changeable custom made legend.

Weatherproof indicator

122-20 Loop powered indicator

A 3.5 digit loop powered digital meter providing a read-out of a 4-20mA (or 10-50mA) signal in engineering units. Field programmable scaling and decimal point position. On-site calibration is aided by a built in calibration signal. The front panel provides three areas for custom made legends. Protection to IP65.

Field mounting loop-powered indicator type 122-20


Signal source for on-site testing and re-calibration
See the Current loop and voltage calibrator

Other digital panel meters, indicators and displays in our range include:-

Digital panel meters for mA and Voltage inputs
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