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Compact series instruments


DIN rail mounting module 75mm high x 22.5 wide x 98.5 deep (COM60/61/70/71 82mm high x 22.5 wide x 98.8 deep). With the exception of the Loop Isolator, these units are 24 VDC powered with front of unit screw terminal connections. Some of these units are field programmable covering a wide range of process signals.

Compact trip amp and isolator

Trip amplifier
Signal isolator
Loop isolator

Status Telecom transmitter/receiver
Analogue Telecom transmitter/receiver


Trip Amplifier

This field programmable instrument provides a voltage free contact which changes state when the input signal passes an adjustable reference point. A single pole change-over relay contact is provided. A single dual colour LED indicates both tripped state and power on.  Standard features include field programmable input ranges and High/Low type trip selection.




Trip amplifier information Trip amp data sheet



A field programmable unit providing 3-port isolation. These units may be used as signal repeaters or converters and can convert a wide range of signals: current to current, current to voltage, voltage to voltage, voltage to current. Standard features include field programmable input and output ranges covering all common process signals




Signal isolator information Isolator data sheet


Signal Isolator User GuideIsolator user guide

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Loop Isolator
(loop powered)

This unit is a 4-20mA signal repeater which offers isolation between input and output. Being loop powered, no auxiliary power supply is required. The voltage drop across the input terminals is only two volts more than across the output terminals.




Loop isolator information Loop isolator data sheet


Status Telecom Transmitter / Receiver

Two units forming a transmitter / receiver pair for signalling a switched state over transmission lines.
The Tone Transmitter accepts either open-collector, volt-free contact or voltage change type inputs and converts off/on states into 400Hz/2000Hz tones for transmission. A dual colour LED provides power-on (green) and input pulse active (red).
The Tone Receiver converts the transmitted tones into a relay output (SPCO). A 'loss of signal' warning output (open collector) is provided. Dual colour LED provides indication of two operating states 1 - green: power-on/receiving 400Hz and 2 - red: power on/receiving 2000Hz signals.








Status transmitter / receiver information Status transmitter / receiver data sheet

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Analogue Telecom Transmitter / Receiver

Two units forming a transmitter / receiver pair for transmitting an analogue signal where a copper wire connection is not available. As these units do not rely on the passage of DC current or voltage signals, they enable a 4-20mA or 1-5V signal to be transmitted over telecom circuits including optical fibres and multplexed circuits
The COM-70 converts an analogue signal into a frequency in the range 400-2000Hz. This sine-wave signal is isolated by a transformer with impedance matched to suit a 600 ohm telecom line. The COM-71 has a transformer matched to suit 600 ohm transmission lines. It accepts a signal in the range 400-2000Hz and converts this into a 4-20mA signal. Loss of received tone causes the indicator LED to show red. A normal state is indicated by this LED showing green.








Analogue transmitter / receiver information Analogue transmitter / receiver data sheet