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C16 series instruments


Module size 22.5 wide x 116 deep* x 99.5 high
*Depth is 117.9 when mounted on DIN rail TS3/TS35D.

All in the range are Universal AC/DC powered
(85 - 260 VAC, 24 - 200 VDC) and have removable terminals




Dual Output Isolator / mA & Voltage Signal Splitter

Provides cost-effective current loop or voltage signal splitter and retransmitter solutions where a single measurement is required to by two independent systems or devices.

  • Universal AC/DC powered (85 - 260 VAC, 24 - 200 VDC)
  • Dual isolated outputs with span and zero adjustment
  • Performs signal conditioner / converter functions
  • Each output may be mA or voltage
  • User configurable input ranges
  • User configurable output ranges: V, mA sink or source
loop and volt signal  splitterage

Input & outputs 4-20mA



I/O Pre-configured to order



Fixed set point



. Dual Output Isolator data sheet


. Dual Output Isolator user guide

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Dual Power Supply

A general purpose instrumentation power supply for applications include: powering two-wire transmitters operating on 4-20mA signals providing power a supply for transducers, 24V signal conditioning modules, etc.

  • Dual outputs - each 40mA max
  • Standard outputs 12V, 24V, 36V (others to order)
  • Outputs can be connected in series to provide a single output at higher voltages.
  • Outputs may be of mixed voltage e.g. Output 1 = 12V, Output 2 = 24V
  • High efficiency - cool running
C16-9 Dual Power Supply

Supplied with 2 x 24V outputs



Outputs configured to order

C16-9 /9


Bridge amplifier information Dual Power Supply data sheet & installation



Frequency to Analogue Converter

Provides a mA or voltage output proportional to the frequency of the input signal. The C16-10 has many uses in applications including water and energy metering and rotational measurements.
Optional PC configuration software provides range changing and optimisation of digital filtering to suit site conditions.

  • Frequency ranges from 0 - 0.1Hz up to 0 - 5kHz
  • Programmable filtering and ranging via USB infrared link
  • Transducer power supplies
  • Pre-configured inputs available at terminal connections: open-collector,volt-free contact, 1-3mA pulse (NAMUR), and voltage pulse (10 mV p.t.p. to 250 V R.M.S - sine, square or triangular waveforms)
  • User configurable output ranges: V, mA sink or source
Frequency to analogue converter
Standard unit - see data sheet

Pre-configured to order



Programming Kit



.Frequency to Analogue Converter data sheet


. Frequency to Analogue installation guide

. Frequency to Analogue programming guide

Frequency to analogue converter programming software download download configuration software



Pulse Isolator
multi-function triple isolator or 2/3 way pulse splitter

The C16-51 is a multi-function pulse isolator and pulse splitter with many applications including water and energy metering, building management systems, etc.

  • Pulse rates up to 10kHz
  • User configurable for either:
    - three separate channels,
    - triple output splitter,
    - or dual output splitter + single channel
  • User selectable input type for each channel
  • Open collector or relay options for each output
Pulse Isolator / splitter
With relay outputs
C16-51 /R
  With open collector outputs C16-51 /C

With mix of output types



.Pulse Isolator data sheet


C16 User Guide Pulse Isolator installation guide


Raise-Lower / Ramp Generator

The C16-65 may be configured as a Raise-Lower device, e.g. for controlled slow start/stop, open/close, up/down or set-point applications, or as a Ramp Generator.

Control is provided by three inputs; start/raise, stop/lower and reset.

Ramp period, input signal and output signal types are user set by jumper links and switch settings.

Other functions including output minimum and maximum values, etc., are configurable using the optional programming kit.
Features include:

  • Externally selectable ramp times
  • Output scaleable between max. & min. limits
  • Programmable slope characteristics: fixed rate slope, slow start, slow finish, slow start and finish
  • Programmable response to simultaneous start/raise, stop/lower input signals
Frequency to analogue converter
Standard unit - see data sheet

Pre-configured to order



Programming Kit



RS 232 to USB adaptor cable



.Raise-Lower / Ramp Generator data sheet


. Raise-Lower / Ramp Generator installation guide

. Raise-Lower / Ramp Generator programming guide

Raise-Lower / Ramp Generator programming software download download configuration software