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Process Display Type 500-TT

...a programmable 5-digit digital panel meter with three alarm relays

This digital panel meter provides a scaleable five digit display of an analogue signal in engineering units. User configurable scaling to ranges within - 9999 to +99999, input signal selection and universal mains power enable spares/stock holding to be kept to a minimum. Three alarm relays provide voltage free contacts that change state when the input signal passes an adjustable reference set-point. Simple to use yet powerful menu-driven software enables fast flexible set-up from the front panel.

Image - Digital panel meter, programmable with alarms

Input source and scaling
The input may be programmed to accept standard voltage and milliamp process signals. Scaling to user specified engineering units is also catered for.

Three alarm relays are provided with the following programmable functions:

Delay - inhibits an alarm operation until the period programmed has expired (useful for preventing nuisance tripping).

Hysteresis - values of up to 100% of the input signal span from either above or below the alarm trip point set (set in percentages or display units).

Alarm type - each alarm channel may be set as ‘Active High’ or ‘Active Low’.

Relay state - may be set to de-energise (off) on alarm or energise (on) on alarm.

Interlocked action - each channel can be independently set to operate at the trip point but reset at a different point using the hysteresis setting. This feature can be used in duty-standby pump control and can also include the delay function.

Monitored channel status indication
Tri-colour LEDs provide continuous indication of the status of each alarm channel. Green indicates a non-alarmed state, red indicates that the channel is in an alarm state, flashing green indicates that the input signal is within the hysteresis or delay band and is approaching the set-point. A flashing red indicates that the input signal has passed the set-point and is within the hysteresis or delay band. Yellow indicators signal that the unit is in programming mode.

Up to 10 break points may be entered.

The programming menu follows a set sequence, stepping onto the next item with each press of the Alarm ‘X’ button. All parameters are viewed as a label alternating with the value currently set. Parameters are adjusted with the Up - Down arrow keys. Control of the output relays is maintained whilst programming is in progress, however, in this mode the front panel LEDs do not indicate the control state but are used to indicate programming mode in progress.

Splash resistant front panel
A flexible transparent rubber hood offering front of panel protection up to IP65 is available as an option.

  • 5 digit display with programmable scaling
  • Three alarm trip points with programmable delay, hysteresis, relay action, alarm type and interlock function
  • Linearisation - user programmable
  • Accepts most standard voltage and milliamp process signals
  • Scaling 0-100%, voltage, mA or custom engineering units
  • Universal mains power (85 to 265 VAC)
    or optional LV supply (11 to 32 VDC / 12 to 24 VAC)
  • Optional front panel protection up to IP65

Download data:

Download Process Display Data Process display data sheet

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