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Digital Indicator Type 550-2B

...a user configurable 4½ -digit panel meter with 25mm high digits
offering peak and reverse reading capability

With high brightness 25mm LED digits, the 550-2B Digital Indicator offers solutions for applications where long-range readability is important. This panel meter a provides a digit scaleable display of an analogue signal in engineering units. User configurable scaling to ranges within +19999 to -19999, input signal selection and universal mains power enable spares/stock holding to be kept to a minimum.

Image - Digital indicator


The input may be user configured to accept most standard voltage and milliamp process signals. Input types are selected by an internal switch and link combination (non-standard inputs are available to order).


Scaling in engineering units may be set to any portion of the display range i.e. within the range -19999 to +19999 (minimum span - 2000 counts). The required readouts at full scale and zero are set by internal switches and trimming controls.

Decimal points

The decimal point position is switch selectable.

Reversed reading

Reversed reading can be configured. e.g. with 4mA input the display can be set to read "15000" and with 20mA input, to read "0".

Controlling the display externally

The following features are provided at the rear of the instrument.

  • Peak reading: When activated only the highest input signal reading is displayed. Subsequent measurements are compared with the previous result. If the new value is larger than the previous peak value, the new value is displayed. If the new value is less than the previous peak value, the display remains unchanged - activated by a volt-free contact closure.
  • Hold reading: Holds the readout at the current value whilst the activation signal is maintained - activated by a volt-free contact closure.
  • Display brightness: Adjustable via rear panel control
  • Display blanking: Switches off the readout - activated by a volt-free contact closure.

Custom legends

Custom made legends, e.g. depicting engineering units or process description, can be supplied at no extra cost or can be made and fitted by user.

Splash resistant front panel

A flexible transparent rubber hood offering front of panel protection up to IP65 is available as an option.

  • High brightness 25mm LED display
  • User configurable scaling to ranges within +19999 to -19999
  • Accepts most standard V and mA process signals
  • Peak reading facility Configurable for reversed reading
  • Universal AC/DC powered (85 to 265 VAC, 24-200 VDC)
  • 24V auxillary supply for 4-20mA transmitters
  • Unplugable connectors
  • Custom made legends
  • Optional splash resistant front panel (up to IP65)

Download technical data:

 Download data sheet Digital indicator data sheet

Download user guide Digital indicator user guide