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Scope of supply

Standard part
  • Base: Material PA 66-gf black with an unpopulated 25-way pcb connector/terminal block (see note below)
  • 6 U-shaped cable leadthroughs, distributed on three sides
  • 2 knock-outs for PG 11 leadthroughs in the floor of the base section
  • 2 internal moulded locating recesses and fixing hole centres for 4-way earthing / neutral terminal block
  • Internal insulated protection around surface fixing screw openings
  • Guide slots for separators
  • 2 M3.5 thread inserts size for securing the terminal block
  • External cut-out for locking slides for snap mounting on DIN rail
  • 2 M4 threaded inserts for cover fixing (external).
  • Terminal block ABS-gf light grey with locking strip and screws (without contacts)
  • 2 cover fixing screws size M4
IP65 version
  • As for the standard version (above) but the base with 6 threaded bushes for PG11 leadthroughs distributed on three sides and Cover supplied with rubber-seal
Accessories and special equipping
  • Contacts for connector / terminal block (see note below)
  • Fire retardant material
  • Cover made of ABS with a higher temperature specification
  • Special colours
  • Coding bar
  • Separator plates for sectioning off areas within the base section
  • Ms. 4-pole terminal block
  • Locking slides for DIN rail mounting
  • Adapter plate for horizontal snap-mounting on DIN rail
  • Foldable carton for packing single units
  • Universal turning knob
  • Processing services (machining and front panel labels, etc)
The pcb connector / terminal block is designed to enable insertion of contacts in the quantity (1 to 25) and positions required by the application.
In standard versions, as the pcb connector / terminal block is supplied without contacts, the quantity required must be ordered in addition to the enclosure.
Plastic enclosures with fully populated terminal blocks are also available (see Order code).

Scope of supply
Order code