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Plastic enclosure type ZA12

A plastic enclosure, DIN rail or surface mounting, for housing printed circuit boards with edge connector fingers. The enclosure consists of cover, intermediate plate and a base section with 12 screw type terminals. The enclosure cover section will house up to two printed circuit boards. Printed circuit board edge connector fingers plug into the connector in the base section. A flame retardant version is available.


Material light-grey polystyrene with a recess to accept a front label. Inside the cover are guide grooves for two PCBs and fixing points for the intermediate plate.

Intermediate plate

Material ABS light-grey. The plate is clipped inside the cover and retains the PCB. The plate is suitable for printing or affixing an adhesive label with connection diagram and/or user information.


Material ABS-gf black equipped with 12 gold-plated spring contacts to receive PCB edge connector fingers, screw terminals and cable lead throughs.



ZA 16 plug-in enclosure image
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» Dimensions for PCB

» Base and cover

» Base, cover and intermediate plate