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Euro-case CO - scope of supply

Standard design
  • Cover:
    Material: polystyerene light-grey with a recess to accept a label
    Max. operating temperature + 65°C
    2 off screws size M4 x 30 with rubber retaining washers.
    Additionally for type CO 10, 2 off U-shaped cable grommets.
  • Base:
    Material: polystyrene dark-grey
    Max. operating temperature + 65°C
    2 off external M4 threaded inserts for fixing cover.
  • Enclosure made of ABS with max. operating temperature + 85°C
  • Fire retardant material (minimum quantity 1.000 pieces)
  • Special colours (minimum quantity 1.000 pieces)
  • Additional U-shaped cable grommets for type CO 10
  • Plastic moulded part with thread for PG7.
    May be used in type CO 10 instead of the U-shaped cable grommets
  • Processing services (machining and front panel labels, etc.)


Scope of supply
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