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Pulse splitter, isolator, converter - C16-51

...user configurable to provide a 3-way pulse splitter or 2-way pulse splitter plus a single isolator channel or 3 separate pulse isolators


The C16-51 pulse isolator and pulse splitter has many applications including:

  • Splitting output of water, gas and electricity meters to PLCs, data loggers, etc.
  • Monitoring and control applications for building and energy management systems
  • Signal conversion - e.g. volt-free contacts to transistor outputs
  • Pulse isolation and pulse splitting

Functional diagrams

Pulse splitter - isolator functional diagram
Pulse splitter / converter / isolator
  • User configurable:-
    - three separate channels,
    - one input - triple outputs,
    - or dual output splitter + single channel isolator
  • User selectable input types for each channel: Volt-free contact, Open collector transistor, Voltage level change (min 5- max 24V)
  • Removable terminals - aid installation and maintenance
  • Five year warranty
  • Open collector or relay options for each output
  • Universal AC/DC powered
    (85 - 260 VAC, 24 - 200 VDC)

Download data:

Calibrator information C16-51 data sheet

Calibrator user guide C16-51 user guide