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Dual Output Signal Isolator - C16-3

...provides two separate isolated mA loop or voltage outputs
from a single mA or Voltage input


Outputs may be of different types, e.g one 4-20mA output and the other 0-10V. Input and outputs are user selectable from a range of standard process signals. mA outputs may be set to either active or passive type.


Typical Applications

  • Enabling one measurement to be sent to two independent systems or devices.
  • Overcoming problems where a common mode voltage exists between the input and output.
  • Solving current loop loading problems.
  • Isolating and converting dangerous voltages to safe levels.
  • Converting voltage signals to current or current signals to voltage.
  • Interfacing field sensors, transducers and transmitters with indicators, PLCs, and other process control instrumentation.

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4-20mA loop splitter
  • Universal AC/DC powered (85 - 260 VAC, 24 - 200 VDC)
  • Dual isolated outputs with span and zero adjustment
  • Performs signal conditioner / converter functions
  • Each output may be mA or voltage
  • User configurable input ranges
  • User configurable output ranges: V, mA sink or source
  • Removable terminals
  • Five year warranty

Download data:

Download data sheet Signal splitter data sheet

Download user guide Signal splitter user guide