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mA / V

A current loop and voltage calibrator with LCD direct display of output signal. This is a portable, battery operated process calibrator for providing test signals for the accurate calibration of instruments in process control loops. By connecting into the signal loop in place of the signal transmitter / transducer, instruments such as signal converters, recorders, panel meters, trip amplifiers etc. can be checked for accuracy under controlled conditions. Current outputs in the range 0 - 20mA (sink and source) and voltage outputs inthe range 0 - 10V are provided.

• Source milliamps and volts
• Simulate two-wire transmitters (current sink mode)
• Fast selection between full-scale, zero and dial setting
• Dial setting stored when switched off
• Two speed dial setting 0.1% resolution
• Direct reading display mA / Volts
• Battery powered (universal mains power supply option)

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mA / V Calibrator



Universal Mains Adaptor



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