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LCD loop-powered digital panel meter / weather-proof indicator


Wall-mounting weather-proof display
Panel mounting loop-powered display



Loop Powered Indicator

On-site re-rangeable, 3½ digit loop powered wall mounted digital meter (liquid crystal) which provides a read-out of a 4-20mA (or 10-50mA) signal in engineering units. Full scale values and decimal point positions are field programmable and on site calibration is aided by a built in calibration signal. The front panel provides three areas for custom made legends. Protected to IP65.

• Easy on-site range changing
• On-board calibration signals
• Sealed to IP65
• Custom legends at no extra cost
• Less than 2 Volts drop across input




Loop powered indicator data sheet Loop powered indicator data sheet


Loop powered indicator user guideLoop powered indicator user guide

Loop-powered field-mounted indicator

120mm high
122mm wide
55mm deep.


Loop Powered
Panel Meter

User configurable instrument providing a 3½ digit scaleable display of an analogue signal in engineering units. Externally accessible switches and trimming controls enable user configurable span and zero (offset) setting, zero offset polarity, decimal point selection and reading polarity.
• Less than 2 volts drop across input
• Configurable scaling +1999 to -1999
• Configurable for reverse reading
• Unpluggable connector
• Loop-powered




Splash-resistant front panel cover (up to IP65)



Loop powered digital panel meter technical informationLoop powered DPM data sheet


Loop powered digital panel meter user guideLoop powered user guide

top of 107 series instrumentation
500-20A two-wire dpm - with user selectable ranging

96mm wide
48 mm high
99mm deep